So You Want to Sell Online?

ImageNot only am I a fan of ecommerce, I think I might be addicted. Not so much to the shopping, it’s more about the hunt, I could spend hours on ecommerce sites finding the perfect deal or the most unique items. I think there is a curiosity about selling online, it seems like a mystical land where it’s possible not only to make some extra money but to make all your dreams of owning your own business come true.

Over the years I have observed and gathered information of what I think makes a successful e-commerce shop, so if you are thinking about doing it yourself consider these three tips to turn your passion into profit:

  1. Learn and Connect to Others in the Industry– When I was selling on Etsy I loved to see what other people were doing and Etsy provides a great platform to do this, with thousands of forums and groups you could join based on your particular interests or expertise. This applies to anyone who would like to start a business, online or not. Chances are someone, somewhere is doing it and doing it well, so learn what you can from them. Connecting with these people could be a powerful tool for your business.
  2. Connect With Your Customers–  To say its takes effort would be an enormous understatement,  what it really takes is heart, sweat and tears to organize your listings, figure a price point, and most importantly create your product. One of my favorite shops and one that I regularly return to especially for gifts, is LuminousCreation and it’s because they have it right. The shop is organized, Imageproducts are consistently high quality and reflective of descriptions and pictures are clear with options to view from different angles. I especially appreciate owner Jaclyn Dreyer’s personal touch to each package and customer service. If ever I had a question she responded and quickly. Each package comes with a thank you note and sometimes a small gift. Figure out how to make a lasting impression and stand apart from the rest!
  3. Do Your Research! We make the mistake as sellers to want seize the opportunity to make it 100% about ourselves, what we offer, what we made and how we would like it to be presented. Truth is, it’s a little about you and mostly about your market. What need are fulfilling for this market? Figure this out as far as price, and presentation and you will build a cohesive brand for your business.

3 thoughts on “So You Want to Sell Online?

  1. Hi, do you still on Etsy? I am a clothing designer and my hub is online but have not explored Etsy too much yet. I am assuming you have to network and meet other people on Etsy to get your shop noticed? Sky

    • Hi Sky,
      No, I closed my shop this past fall.
      I would say it depends on what you aim to be your main source of sales.
      If you are solely relying on Etsy as your source of business, I would say it requires a significant time commitment but this doesn’t appear to be the case for you since you already have an online hub. At the very basic level, with less time commitment the best thing to draw attention to a shop on Etsy is to keep your shop full of items, and updating consistently.
      You already have a great foundation to join some teams, promote your designs and your blog. There are also widgets you could add to your blog that will link back to your Etsy shop and showcase your items.

      Wish you the best in your business and hope these tips help. Feel free to check out my profile on Etsy here.

  2. Greetings Zacha,
    Thank you for the informative article on customer relations and utilizing social media. The suggestion to include a gift with the package certainly got us brainstorming! We create healing gifts, jewelry and art to soothe and uplift body, mind and soul. We have a little ritual for cleansing and blessing each item before it is shipped. Letting people see inside our process makes it a more intimate and human connection. Thank you for the insight!

    Have a Grateful Day,
    Sunkiss & Anthony
    Sustainably Grateful

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