Use Social Media to Show Customer Appreciation

ImageWhether you have an online business or brick and mortar, it has been established that social media could serve as a powerful tool to build your brand. Small business owners have it tough, usually being the sole marketers of their business, but here are a few simple tips to build customer loyalty.

  • Do not use social media tools simply to gain “likes” or to blast your new products/sales. This is what I consider the equivalent of talking at someone, rather than communicating or engaging in a conversation.
  • Inconsistency on your social media sites is just as bad as not having a presence online at all. If you have set up a page on Facebook but do not visit it, you might as well take it down. Set aside a few hours a week and schedule posts, share personal tips and photos of you in your design process or at work. This is an opportunity for you to tell your story.

One thing I have learned using social media as a marketing tool, and what I enjoy so much about it, is the interaction you can build with customers. Let them know how much they are appreciated. Let them know you couldn’t do it without them and don’t forget to respond to questions. People are finding it easier to communicate concerns through social media. The more open your dialogue is with your clients and followers the more likely they are to spread the word.


3 thoughts on “Use Social Media to Show Customer Appreciation

  1. It’s amazing how Social Media has turned into what it is today. It seems that just about any business needs to have not only their main company page but also Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and on and on and on. My business has pages on all of these and even a blog here on wordpress. I will say that there is nothing more powerful to a business owner than the feedback from Social Media. These comments are not only public, but usually they very honest comments, good or bad honest feedback is very important. Social Media is quickly reshaping the business/client relationship and how easily you can let others know how good or bad the experience was.

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