Jail Bird or Small Biz Owner? Tips to a Better Profile Pic

Here’s the reality of your profile pic- it is your first impression. We  know this isn’t  an accurate depiction of how life really works but as small business owners, we need to acknowledge this. Your profile pic, whether on social media sites or – the focus of this topic -your e-commerce shop, is not about your appearance but rather how you could best convey your craft and personality in 75×75 pixels (for Etsy profile pics).

I have spent hours this last week tweeking my shop listings photos but still figuring out what would make a great profile pic. I looked through a few shops, whose profile pics I really liked. Each were distinct: some were of the product, some label/logo, some with the shop owner. But there are few things I’ve picked up that are important to consider when selecting your photo, and please do it wisely.

Here are a few tips:

  • Find out what you are comfortable with. I can’t pull off wearing something really artsy on my head in the middle of a bare warehouse, but some can. Know what works for you.
  • What do you want to convey? Who is your customer and will your photo be appealing to your target customer? Remember you pic is part of your brand.
  • Choose a well lit photo. I ALWAYS prefer natural light- I also don’t have a professional photographer in hand but if you do than go for artificial. Natural light, with a particular wall in my house is how I like to do it. And if your picture comes out dark then use a free online photo editor like Luna Pic or PicMonkey.
  • Take a few selfies … it won’t hurt I promise. You’ll get to see whats a good angle for you, how you would like to smile, teeth or not etc.I cannot stress the important of having a well lit photo. If you don’t want to smile thats up to you but I warn you, I’ve put together many marketing pieces for my job and it boggles me how many small business owners do not have a good picture handy and how many border looking like a prison shot. Not smiling, against a poorly lit, grayish, yellowish wall is never a good look for a business owner.

What are some of your suggestions?


Cyber Monday

I never venture out on Black Friday, and let’s face it, the sales at big retail stores are mostly hype. With Cyber Monday you have an array of small business owners, start-ups, local businesses, and big retailers offering authentic deals. I have a shop on Etsy and taking a look around all I see are small business owners working hard to make a sale, and be found. So if anything Cyber Monday is not just a great way to find last minute deals for holiday shopping, it is also an incredible opportunity to step away from the chaos and support a small business, or two.

Some facts about Cyber Monday:

Find local/small business to support via your social media sites, many may have retail locations and no website but are still offering deals through their social media outlets. Etsy is another source to find great, one-of-a-kind gifts, and most sellers are embracing the Cyber Monday customers with amazing deals from free shipping to 40% off. Also organizations that support entreprenuerial efforts are making directories available. Like Workshop in Business Opportunities, a private non-profit based in NYC. Their directory features businesses of alumni from their 16-week workshop, How to Build a Growing and Profitable Business. Check their deals out here.