Cyber Monday

I never venture out on Black Friday, and let’s face it, the sales at big retail stores are mostly hype. With Cyber Monday you have an array of small business owners, start-ups, local businesses, and big retailers offering authentic deals. I have a shop on Etsy and taking a look around all I see are small business owners working hard to make a sale, and be found. So if anything Cyber Monday is not just a great way to find last minute deals for holiday shopping, it is also an incredible opportunity to step away from the chaos and support a small business, or two.

Some facts about Cyber Monday:

Find local/small business to support via your social media sites, many may have retail locations and no website but are still offering deals through their social media outlets. Etsy is another source to find great, one-of-a-kind gifts, and most sellers are embracing the Cyber Monday customers with amazing deals from free shipping to 40% off. Also organizations that support entreprenuerial efforts are making directories available. Like Workshop in Business Opportunities, a private non-profit based in NYC. Their directory features businesses of alumni from their 16-week workshop, How to Build a Growing and Profitable Business. Check their deals out here.


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